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KingFisher Asphalt Cutter

Model: H6CC-14 Maximum Output/Speed: 7hp/3600rpm Operating Size (WxLxH)mm: 510 X 940 X 825 Blade Dia (mm): 350 Max Cutting depth(mm): 120

Kingfisher Concrete Vibrator Hose

Model: H3VH-32/38/45 Vibrator Diam. X Length: (32) (38) (45) mmX6m Rev. of Flexible Shaft (RPM): 2800-3600 Vibration Amplitude (MM) (1.3)(1.4)(1.6) Engine: Kingfisher EX17 Engine with 6.0 HP

Kingfisher Power Trowle

Model: QJM-1000 Weight (Kg/lb): 97.5/214.9 Working Blade Diameter (mm/inch): 915/36 Trowl Speed: 60 - 130 Engine: Kingfisher EX21 With 7.0 Hp

Kingfisher Submersable Pump

Model: H3WP Discharge Diameter: 3" Maximum Lift: 18M Maximum Capacity: 1500Lit/Min Engine: Kingfisher EX17 with 6.0 HP


Model: SB125TR-F Operating Weight (Kg): 2781 Carrier Weight (Ton): 28 -35 Height/Chisel Diameter (mm): 3215/155

Kingfisher Concrete Mixer 380 L

Model Drum Capacity: 380 Litre Output Capacity: 300Litre Output Cement Mix Product: 6-12M3/Hr

Kingfisher Electrical Rebar Cutter

Model: RC-25 Maximum Bar Diameter: 25mm Motor: 1.9KW Electric Power: 220Volt, 50HZ

Kingfisher Plate Compactor

Model: H2PM-100W/H2PM-90 Vibration Frequency: 6400VPM Centrifugal force (Kg): 2400Kg Travel Speed: 20-25m/min


Model HCR70A Operating Mass/Rated Power 72KG/2.2KW Speed 4000rpm Prerecession Rate 600/Min Engine Honda GX100

Kingfisher Concrete Mixer 750

Model Drum Capacity: 750 Litre Output Capacity Output Cement Mix Product

Kingfisher Walkbehind Roller

Model: COPAZ-800 Operating Weight (Kg/lb): 800/1763 Roller Diameter (mm/inch): 406/16 Centrifugal force (KN/Kg): 32.7/3334.7 Engine: KOHLER KD440 (LOMABARDINI 15LD440)