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My Wish Enterprise P.L.C. is one of Ethiopia's outstanding Construction Machinery dealers. The Company mainly offers a wide range of integrated solutions for the sales of construction machinery with reliable After Sales Services. In addition, the Company rents dealer-maintained machines and equipment to introduce advanced technology to Customers. Recently the Company has started assembling light construction machinery.

Our Story

My Wish Enterprise Plc was established by ten visionary family members with limited capital in a small rented office in 2006. The company started its operation as a light construction machinery dealer in Ethiopia.

Having grown at an impressive pace from humble beginnings with visionary intent, My Wish breaks new ground within the industry by diversifying its products, assembling light and heavy construction machinery, dealing with and renting world-reputed construction and agricultural brands, and joining a new business venture in the export business.


The strength we have acquired through our 16+ years of journey, along with our shared beliefs and philosophy that “if work is life let us make it beautiful!”, enabled us to become one of the leaders in the light and heavy construction machinery market.

Our Partners

We have earned the trust of the most prominent equipment manufacturers in the world, which specializes in earthmoving, mining, building and road construction, power generation, materials handling, automotive tires & batteries, agriculture and farming.

Industries We Are Involved In

  • Mining, Building, and Heavy Construction
  • Aggregates and drilling products
  • Power generation systems
  • Material handling solutions
  • Road constructions
  • Compressed air solutions
  • Dam constructions
  • Export 

Why the name My Wish?

Once it was a burning desire, a dream, an aspiration and a wish at the heart of the founder to create an establishment that delivers 


  • Exceptional customer services

  • An environment where everyone is valued and engaged

  • A shared dream with partners and stakeholders

  • A responsible corporate citizen

Corporate Statement


Our Vision is to be the market leader and the most preferred business partner in the supply and assembling construction and agricultural machinery and export of Coffee, pulses & oilseeds.


Guided by our motto 

“better than the best”

We aim to exceed the highest standards and create an exceptional after-sales service and customer support system for our partners.



  • Commitment

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Customer value

  • Mutual trust and respect

  • Unique service

Our People

If work is life, let’s make it beautiful: Creating an environment of laughter and purpose

Our people are the greatest asset and forefront drivers of our success. Among many elements that define us most is our commitment to our people, which lies at the heart of My Wish’s management philosophy. 

We invest in our people, providing them with training and development opportunities to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

We offer a competitive reward package to our employees.

We foster an inclusive and trusting corporate culture that values differences and diverse thoughts where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our Growth Strategy:

My Wish+

My Wish+ is our plan for growth and diversification, intended to transform our company to the next level and serves as our roadmap for the next ten up to fifteen years there by paving the way for another great leap forward.

Why work with us?

My wish enterprise plc is equipped with well-organized facilities including 

  • a warehouse for genuine spare parts

  • Maintenance workshop, 

  • Field service vehicle for on-site visits, 

  • A training center 

  • Sales outlets. 


Furthermore, our workshops are stocked with specialized tools and a team of supplier-trained service engineers who are available to provide 24/7 customer support.


We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions, as well as follow-up support, to customers engaged in the fields of:

  • Heavy, Mining, Building, Road & Dam construction machinery

  • Agricultural tractors and implements

  • Aggregates and drilling products

  • Power generation systems

  • Material handling solutions

  • Compressed air solutions

  • Oil and Lubricants

  • Batteries


As part of our efforts to secure new growth in the business, we have engaged in the export market:

  • Coffee

  • Pulses and

  • Oil seeds

Sales Locations

The Company maintains adequate Spare Parts and Light Construction Machinery in its own sales shops located at the Head Office from Haile garment to Lebu Ring Road & Branch offices at Wello Sefer & Kera.
The Spare Parts and Light Construction Machinery sales services are handled by an IT-based system.

One Stop Shop

One place for complete solutions: carrier + attachments +parts + services.

Maintenance and Workshop

My Wish Enterprise P.L.C. has its workshop fully equipped with special tools. The workshop is ready to render service for customers 24/7 with our professional Service Engineers.

Store Facilities

My Wish Enterprise P.L.C. is equipped with well-organized facilities such as Spare Part and Machinery warehouse, workshop, field vehicles, factory-trained technical staff, training center, and two-part outlets.

The Company maintains adequate Spare Parts and Light Construction Machinery in our main warehouse located at the Lebu branch. The Spare Parts and Light Construction Machinery sales services are handled by an IT-based system.

Training Center

Training is conducted locally in our training center by the Trainers of the Company and also by outsourcing professionals. My Wish Enterprise P.L.C. arranges short and long-term training in collaboration with the Suppliers both locally and overseas for our employees and Customers.

My Wish has a long-run trend of empowering its employees by letting them attend any training sessions that are related to their work by fully covering the training costs.

The Best Products & The Best Team

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