Synchronous chip sealer (metong)

Synchronous chip sealer is developed by Metong in accordance to international standards. It is widely used in road constructions. It can spray asphalt and aggregate simultaneously and as well spray separately. Roads constructed by synchronous chip sealer has the advantages of cost savings, wear resistance and slip avoidance of road surface, and good waterproof ability. The traffic flow is recovered sooner upon completion of any road constructions and it’s suitable for construction of different grade roads.


International Co-operation and Top Quality
Our LMT5311TFC synchronic chip sealer is developed under the leadership of Chang’an University and the technical development sector of our company, and on the basis of adopting advanced foreign and domestic technologies.
The chip sealer is a kind of hi-tech road construction equipment at the international level. Compare with its counterparts, our chip sealers are of high automation, even spray, easy operation, large loading capacity and great efficiency.
The main fittings are made of international brand components with novel appearance design. Our chip sealers are the ideal equipment to carry out sophisticated road construction.
1. Synchronous chip sealer adopts famous brand chassis with reliable quality.
2. Asphalt tank adopts the heat preservation material of silicon acid aluminum and with good performance of heat preservation.
3. Asphalt tank can spray with certain quantity by fixed spray pipe or spray by hand spray gun. Asphalt pump is installed outside for convenience or for operations.
4. Pipeline cleaning adopts heat conducting oil and can be cleaned with high pressure air. The nozzles are not easily jammed.
5. The structure of chipping spread part is compact. It is comfortable for driving and convenient for use.

Brief Introduction
LMT5311TFC intelligent synchronous chip sealer is the special construction machinery of international stature and could be applied into the simultaneous spraying work of highways. It could simultaneously spray asphalt and aggregate or respectively spray them. It features cost saving, wear resistance and anti-skidding of road surface and good waterproof performance. The traffic could be recovered soon once the construction is done. It is suitable for the construction of highways at different grades.

Main Features
1. We adopt the highway equipment made by the well-known manufacturer in Italy with over 70 years of history. The asphalt produced by the equipment is with high viscosity.
2. LMT5311TFC intelligent synchronous chip sealer adopts the innovative low-pressure spraying technology.
3. The hydraulic flexible spraying pole could be controlled by remote control system.





Approach Angle /Departure Angle



Top Speed



Engine Rated Power (Net Power)



Asphalt Spray Volume



Max. Speed of Stone Chips Roller



Max. Spray Width of Stone Chips



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